Frequently Asked Questions

Q : How long does it take to make a Portrait Quilt or Pillow?

A : From receipt of your pictures, it takes approximately 14 days to make a personalized quilt and 5 days for us to make a pillow. It will take a few more days for the products to be shipped to you.

Q : How do I send you my pictures?

A : You can email them to us at portraitquilts@gmail.com. Please be sure to list your name, address and email address, with any special instructions you may have. Or you can send us paper photos or a photo CD by U.S. mail. Our address is: Portrait Quilts, 11504 Links Dr., Reston, VA 20190.

Q : Will you return my pictures?

A : Yes! We will return all paper pictures and photo CDs to you unharmed with the completed quilt or pillow.

Q : How can I make sure that my pictures are placed in a particular order on a quilt or sham?

A : If you would like your pictures placed in a particular order on the quilt, please number them in the order you would like them to appear on the quilt from top to bottom and from left to right.

Q : What size pictures must I use?

A : Pictures can be sent in any size. We will reconfigure them to approximately 4” x 4” to fit on the quilt, or 5” x 7” to fit on a pillow.

Q : Can I use black and white pictures?

A : Pictures can be in color, sepia (brown tones) or black & white. We find that quilts with mixed color and black & white photos look fine. However, if you prefer your quilt to have all black and white or sepia photos, please let us know and we will convert your color photos according to your instructions.

Q : Can you use old or damaged pictures for the quilts and pillows?

A : Yes! If your photos are old or damaged, we will do our best to restore their quality on the quilt.

Q : Can I send you paper photos?

Yes. We will always accept paper photos, and we will return them with your completed quilt or pillows unharmed.

Q : Can I send you artwork rather than photos to place on a quilt or pillow?

A : Yes! Some of our most creative quilts include pictures drawn by both children and adults.

Q : How long will a Portrait Quilt or Pillow last?

A : With proper care, a Portrait Quilt or Pillow should last for many, many years, and they are machine washable!

Q : What materials are quilts made of?

A : All quilts are 100% cotton with cotton batting, with the exception of our white photo panels, which are made of a beautiful low-lustre satin. The back is off-white cotton.