Baby Photo Quilts and Pillows

It’s Time to Celebrate Babies!
Baby Photo Quilts and Pillows are
the Perfect Baby Gift!

At Portrait Quilts, we know that there is nothing is more exciting than the arrival of a new baby! Everything the baby does is so exhilarating, from the first time he or she smiles, rolls over, crawls for the first time, or says his or her first words! And nothing captures the essence of a beautiful baby like a Portrait Quilt or Pillow! Our quilts and pillows provide incredibly clear photos of a baby that will not fade, even when the baby is no longer that small bundle of joy brought home to meet his or her new family.

Portrait Quilts, also known as memory quilts, photo quilts or picture quilts, contain the images of favorite photos, drawings and/or written messages. They can include baby announcements and cards as well as pictures of your baby as he or she grow, changes and masters new skills!

Portrait Quilts or Pillows of a baby make great gifts for the proud grandparents, or overjoyed parents, whether you are related to them or their good friends. And so many parents and grandparents love to make them for each other! The best part is, they are so easy to make! Just get your favorite baby photos together and email them to Tell us what color quilt or pillow you would like, and within two weeks your new Portrait Quilt or Pillow of a precious baby will be on its way to you.