Bar & Bat Mitzvah Quilts

It’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah Day!
Photo Quilts and Photo Pillows are the Gifts To Commemorate Your Child’s Blessed Day!

Mazel Tov! Your precious child is growing up, and it’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah time! To celebrate and memorialize this important day, our customers tell us there is no better way to permanently capture the joy than a beautiful Portrait Quilt or Pillow filled with pictures of your child growing up and the joyous celebration. There is something about a quilt filled with pictures of family and friends gathered together to share the happiness of your child’s once in a lifetime day that will always bring a smile. Our photo quilts and pillows will display incredibly clear photos that time will not fade and your children can turn to them even when life may take them thousands of miles away from you!

Portrait Quilts, also known as memory quilts, photo quilts or picture quilts, contain the images of favorite photos, drawings and/or written messages. They can include your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah announcement as well as the text of his or her speech.

The best part about our Portrait Quilts and pillows is they are so easy to make! Just get your favorite photos together and email them to Tell us what size and color quilt or pillow you would like, and within two weeks your new Portrait Quilt or Pillow starring your child will be on its way to you!