Celebrity Pillows

Celebrity Pillows Marilyn Monroe, James Dean, Ronald Reagan

Take Home a Hollywood Icon!

Portrait Pillows now available with pictures of screen legends Marilyn
Monroe, James Dean and Ronald Reagan.

In response to numerous customer requests, we are making available for the first time pillows
customized with pictures of Hollywood legends. Now you have the chance to display a fabulous
Portrait pillow with a picture of Marilyn Monroe, James Dean or Ronald Reagan. All with the
beautiful Portrait Quilt workmanship! See the individual links below for all our great celebrity

Would you like photos of other stars? Let us know who you would like to see!

Available in four colors of suede, red, blue, brown, green and beige plush.

Because we want to ensure that we provide you exactly what you desire, to order this item, please call us at 1-800-590-6080 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 pm Eastern time 7 days a week, or email us at portraitquilts@gmail.com.

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Available colors

James Dean Green Suede
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James Dean Green Suede Pillow

Brown Suede Ronald Reagan
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Brown Suede Ronald Reagan Pillow

Dark Beige Plush Marilyn Monroe B
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Dark Beige Plush Marilyn Monroe Pillow

Red Suede Marilyn Monroe A
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Red Suede Marilyn Monroe Pillow

Blue Suede Ronald Reagan
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Blue Suede Ronald Reagan Pillow