Perfect Retirement Gift!

Photo Quilts and Photo Pillows Are a Just Reward for a Career Filled With Accomplishments!

It’s not easy to find a unique way to thank a beloved worker for the great work he or she has done over the years and, at the same time provide them with a gift that will bring back the happy memories of your years working together. Sure, you can give company plaques, tool sets, flowers or even gift certificates. But, all of these gifts last only a short time and don’t leave the retiree lasting memories of the great people she or he worked with or the happy times you shared. That is why more and more companies are turning to Portrait Quilts and Pillows to create a tapestry of a great career that should not be forgotten.

Portrait Quilts, also known as memory quilts, photo quilts or picture quilts, contain the images of favorite photos, drawings and/or written messages. They can include photos of all the retiree’s co-workers and even personalized messages.

Our photo quilts and pillows provide incredibly clear photos of each employee, and action shots that capture the happy memories of company picnics and parties. They can even include a picture of the entire department or group. And we guarantee that photos will not fade, so the retiree can enjoy them for years!

Portrait Quilts or Pillows make great gifts for any person about to retire so they will know that they are appreciated. They are official retirement gifts for many companies, but many co-workers take the initiative to have them made specifically for a retiring co-worker and friend! The best part is, they are so easy to make! Just get photos of the retiree and his/her co-workers together and email them to Tell us what color quilt or pillow you would like, and within two weeks your new Portrait Quilt or Pillow celebrating a great career will be on its way to a special person.