The Perfect Teacher's Gift

Photo Quilts and Photo Pillows Are a Just Reward for a Teaching Job Well Done!

It’s not easy to find a unique way for a class to thank their teacher for the fine job she did teaching them this year. Sure kids will bring in candy, flowers or pen and pencil sets. But these gifts last only a short time and don’t leave any lasting memories of the great year the teacher and the class shared together. That is why more and more parents and PTAs are turning to Portrait Quilts and Pillows to create a tapestry of a great year gone by that should not be forgotten.

Portrait Quilts, also known as memory quilts, photo quilts or picture quilts, contain the images of favorite photos, drawings and/or written messages. They can include poems and children’s drawings as well as room for each child to sign his or her name!

Our photo quilts and pillows provide incredibly clear photos of each child in a class, and action shots that capture the happy memories the teacher and class shared together. They can even include children’s drawings and artwork! Photo pillows can contain a picture of the entire class. And we guarantee that photos will not fade, even when the children in the class are having children of their own!

Portrait Quilts or Pillows make great gifts for any teacher to help her know that she is appreciated. They are often the gifts PTAs choose for each class to present to their teacher in an elementary school, but many parents take the initiative to have them made specifically for their child’s teacher! The best part is, they are so easy to make! Just get photos of the children in the class together and email them to Tell us what color quilt or pillow you would like, and within two weeks your new Portrait Quilt or Pillow of this great year will be on its way to a special teacher.