Pet Quilts and Pillows

Let’s face it. Your pet is one of the family, a loyal companion you love and cherish. And like every other member of your family, your pet needs to have his or her image emblazed into a Portrait Quilt or Pillow. Portrait Quilts, also known as memory quilts, photo quilts or picture quilts, contain the images of favorite photos, drawings and/or written messages and is America’s choice for unique pet gifts.

How cool would it be to give your daughter a Portrait Quilt filled with pictures of the beloved dog or cat she grew up with! Or, how about yourself? Wouldn’t it be great to have a Portrait Quilt or Pillow with photos of your loyal and precious family pet that will last forever!

At Portrait Quilts we know how important pets are to people. We see it every day as more and more requests come in for Portrait Quilts and Pillows starring dogs, cats, horses, bunnies and even goats. And those requests are so easy to fulfill. Just pick out your favorite pet photos and email them to us at Choose the color quilt or pillow you want, and a beautiful Portrait Quilt or Pillow with your pet will be on its way to you.

Isn’t it time you honored your cherished pet? What pet lover wouldn’t want a unique gift like this?