I can’t begin to tell you how happy I am with the beautiful quilt and pillows you made for my step daughter. It is something she will treasure for a lifetime.
Ruth G., Ashburn, VA

I had a pillow made with a picture of my husband in his new sailboat. Needless to say, it was a hit!
Beth A., Rocky River, OH

I simply cannot believe that you can get this kind of quality for these prices!
Janice B., Leesburg, VA

I just placed my dad in an assisted living facility, and I was worried that he would have trouble making friends. On my last visit, however, I was astonished to see that he was chatting like he’d known the folks there for years. When I listened more closely, I found that he was telling stories about his life from the pictures on his Portrait Quilt. I could not believe what an icebreaker the Portrait Quilt was!
Judy S., Columbia, MD

My daughter loves the Portrait Quilt pillow I had made of her with her friends in their graduation gowns! My two younger girls have each demanded a pillow of their own!
Sandy K., Yonkers, NY

I had a Portrait Quilt made for my daughter’s baby. Actually, I had two made, because it was so beautiful, I had to have one for myself!
Marjorie L., Las Vegas, NV

I had pillows made from my 1st graders artwork, which he proudly gave to his grandparents for Christmas. It was amazing.
Colleen R., Mountain View, CA

My daughter got me a personalized Portrait Quilts tote bag for my birthday. It has pictures of my children and grandchildren and is beautiful. Every time I take it to go shopping, it is amazing how many people ask me how I got it so they can have one made for themselves.
Linda T., Taos, NM

When my mom got her new Portrait Quilt, she was so happy she cried!
Diane M., Winter Park, FL